Quick Facts About Gemini

  • 135 TFLOPs peak computing power
  • 344 CPU cores
  • 64 GB RAM/node (1.3 TB aggregate)
  • 40 TB shared work space + 4 TB scratch/node
  • 40 Gbps QDR Infiniband
  • Over 5.9 million in-silico screening compounds
  • Over 2.8 million CPU and 750,000 GPU hours processing time since first coming online

To learn more about Gemini visit the cluster hardware page. Answers to commonly asked questions can be found here.

Two-state Electrostatic Visualization of Thrombin

Visualization of the electrostatic potential of the molecule thrombin, a central component of the blood coagulation process. Residue W215 is highlighted in green. The blue "clouds" that appear halfway through the movie are the positive electrostatic potentials. Video rendered using a program developed in-house.